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Photo by Alix Blair.

Teens Take the Mic in Gravy Ep. 48

Ree Ree Wei and several other teenagers began recording audio on Transplanting Traditions Community Farm, thanks to producer Alix Blair, who ran a week-long workshop for them.


Corn 101

Rebecca Lauck Cleary leads us through the maze of corn-made consumables.


On This Week’s Gravy: What Is White Trash Cooking?

In 1986, Ernest Matthew Mickler of Palm Valley, Florida, published White Trash Cooking. It was a loving ode to his people—rural, white, working-class and poor Southerners—and their recipes: tuna casserole, baked possum, white-bread tomato sandwiches.


Feast or Famine: Corn’s Role in America’s (Pre)History

Native Americans memorialized and celebrated the prominent role of corn in their lives through stories passed from grandmothers to granddaughters, in meals cooked around clan fires, through male voices raised in song, and in the rattle-shaking of female stomp dances.

White Trash Cooking

Next week on Gravy: White Trash Cooking

Next Thursday, Gravy interim producer Sarah Reynolds tells the story of White Trash Cooking, Ernie Mickler’s 1986 collection of stories and recipes from his North Florida home.