The Gravy podcast is still quite new, and already we’re being honored for our work! As you might have seen, on Friday the James Beard Foundation selected us, along with our sibling Gravy print quarterly, as their Publication of the Year.


Our early success has been possible because of the strong pieces by the producers we worked with from the start, and the powerful stories shared by those featured on the podcast.

We’d like to thank T Cooper and Eve Troeh for contributing pieces in 2014 and the following individuals for their time and sharing their stories:

Malinda Maynor Lowery

Gloria Barton Gates

Jefferson Currie II

Heaver Dobbs Oxendine Jr.

Calvin Dillinger

Pierce LaMacchia

Ricky Banks

Karl Havens

Gibby Conrad

Dan Tonsmeire

Katherine Zitsch

Charlotte Polis

Smokey Parrish

Lynn Martinez

Tante Sue

Yvette Landry

Ryan Bemae

Lou and Donis Stofencralin

Annona Balfa

To listen to the stories featuring these folks and more, go here to the Gravy Archive.