Virginia’s Dare

How a cooking competition in Old Dominion in 1948 unwittingly set the tone for modern food journalism.

Pimento Cheese in a Parka

I expected to miss Southern food in my new hometown. I did not expect to spy a funhouse version of it around every corner.

Gravy Goes Behind the Scenes at Motels

In the new episode of Gravy, though, we take a deep dive into the world of Indian-owned motels, and the food world they’ve maintained behind the scenes.

A Story of Salt and History in Gravy Ep. 22

Today’s episode of Gravy features a seventh generation salt-making family reckoning with both the darkness and the bright spots of its history and finding a way forward for the future of West Virginia salt.

What We’re Watching: Buzzfeed

In the year of pop culture, we can’t very well ignore something like Buzzfeed’s recent video “Americans Try Southern Food for the First Time.” We tried. We held our virtual tongue. We failed. After all, Buzzfeed often supplies the most shareable content on the Internet, and we at the Southern Foodways Alliance know that Southern food … Continued