#SFA14 Speaker Profile: Jason Sokol

On Friday morning, professor Jason Sokol and photojournalist Kate Medley will co-present on the civil rights movement, focusing particularly on sit-ins and white Southerner’s reactions. Kate leads the charge on Counter Histories, a series of SFA-commissioned short films documenting the struggle to desegregate Southern restaurants in the civil rights movement. The premiere film centers on … Continued

2014 Symposium Spotlight: Kate Medley and Counter Histories Series

Today, we caught up with Kate Medley—a documentarian of food culture and the series director of Counter Histories—about her vision for the series.

“Our mission for the Counter Histories film series is to document the great impact that lunch counter sit-ins had during the Civil Rights Movement. In reflecting the past, we also hope to demonstrate the present-day relevance of these stories,” said Kate.