SFA Short: Henry Vanegas – Carnitas Po-boy

As part of SFA’s 2017 focus on El Sur Latino we explore a series of dishes across the Southeast that reframe ideas of southern food. A favorite dish at El Lupillo in Gulfport, Mississippi, is the carnitas po-boy, a Mexican-style torta prepared on po-boy roll.

Bayley’s West Indies Salad

Though it serves a variety of Gulf seafood, Bayley’s is known for two specialties: West Indies salad and fried crab claws.

Historic Biloxi Bay Oyster Harvest

Turmoil and uncertainty often mark the lives of oyster tongers and others who make their lives on the water. Still, we celebrate with the Gulf Coast today.

Deadliest Throw by Joe York

At the Annual Interstate Mullet Toss, participants compete to throw a dead mullet the farthest across the Alabama-Florida state line.

After Katrina: Counting to 10

In this short film, Pableaux Johnson celebrates the New Orleans we knew before Katrina and looks ahead to the future of the city.

What We’re Reading: Please Forward

Get yourself to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Please Forward: How Blogging Reconnected New Orleans after Katrina, edited by Cynthia Joyce.

A Helping of Gravy: Biloxi Bacon

Sandra Beasley, author of three poetry collections and a memoir, contributed two poems to Gravy #55: What to Read & Cook in 2015.

Manchac and Middendorf’s

Middendorf’s eightieth anniversary drew the SFA’s attention to Manchac, Louisiana, and the stories there were too good to resist.