The year was 1925, and the place was Arlington, Texas. Klan klaverns 66, 101, and 334 from Dallas, Fort Worth, and Oak Cliff, respectively, had planned the barbecue and accompanying ceremony “to demonstrate the fact that the Klan is not dead.”

Smoke and Mirrors

Barbecue Nation, curated by the Atlanta History Center, charts a cultural timeline of this fabled American craft. Twenty years in the making, the inclusive and expansive exhibit opened this May and closes next June.

Chuck's Bar-B-Q - Chuck Ferrell - Alabama - Southern BBQ Trail

Barbecue and Belief in Opelika

Chuck Ferrell of Chuck’s Bar-B-Q in Opelika, Alabama, is a born-again Christian who uses his barbecue as a tool for conversion. He keeps a stock of religious tracts by the register and wields a barbecue pitchfork for a living.

Barbecue Friday with Curt’s Smoke House

Curt Blankenship smokes whole hog barbecue a fuel tank and built with a rotisserie inside. Learn about whole hog barbecue and enjoy a taste at SFA’s August 16 event in Memphis. Tickets are $12.

It’s Barbecue Friday in Arkansas!

Take a weekend trip on SFA’s barbecue trail to Arkansas to meet Kyle McClard, a fourth generation pitmaster for McClard’s Bar-B-Q.

It’s Barbecue Friday! Learn about Archibald’s

A native of Northport, Alabama, George Archibald opened Archibald’s Bar-B-Q in 1962. George Archibald, Jr. was twelve years old when he started working in the family business. Today, he and his sister, Paulette Washington, the restaurant.

Scott's Bar-B-Que - Rodney Scott - South Carolina - Southern BBQ Trail

Cut, Chop, Cook with Rodney Scott

Rodney Scott has a new place on King Street in Charleston these days, but watch this SFA film by Joe York to see where his work all started: Hemingway, South Carolina.