Originally from the Mississippi Delta, Elizabeth and Luke Heiskell relocated to Oxford in early 2011 to start Woodson Ridge Farms. Luke brought with him agricultural experience from farming cotton and soybeans in the Delta’s rich alluvial soil. Elizabeth brought her vast experience in the culinary world, her training as a chef, and energy to burn. Together, they have a grand vision for this former cattle farm in the Mississippi hills. Elizabeth and Luke intend for their 80-acre produce farm to serve their local community, chefs in the region, and even their former stomping ground of Greenwood, Mississippi, where Elizabeth delivers produce each week. Elizabeth looks forward using the farm to teach, hosting cooking classes and children’s events in the converted pole barn. Their ideas are as endless as their enthusiasm—and the variety of produce they grow. They harvested thirty-seven different kinds of vegetables in their first season.

TAGS: agriculture, Elizabeth Heiskell, farm, Mississippi, Woodson Ridge Farms