Football and Faulkner, kudzu and coeds. Oxford, Mississippi, has as many claims to fame as it does traditions, but it’s the restaurants in this small southern town that are the glue of the local community. Places for catfish, cocktails, and conversation, restaurants here are a little bit unlike anything outsiders might be used to. And they always have been. From the midnight munchies at the Hoka Theater’s Moonlite Café, one of Willie Morris’s old haunts, to the tangy shrimp sauce at The Mansion, where Faulkner went for barbecued chicken and peach cobbler, a unique culinary—and cultural—history is still being told. The doors of these places may have closed long ago, but the memories are still very much alive.

TAGS: Angelo Mistilis- Mistilis Restaurant, Annie Isaiah- Isaiah's Busy Bee (1971- late 1990s), B and B Cafe: 1920s- late 1960s/early 1970s, Charles Reagan Wilson- Isaiah's Busy Bee Cafe (1971- late 1990s), community, Mississippi, restaurant, Restaurants of Oxford's Past, Ron Shapiro- Moonlight Cafe at the Hoka Theater (1978-1996), Starnes Catfish Place 1978-1996, The Mansion 1942-1967