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Women at Work in Charleston

One idea echoes throughout Charleston’s food traditions: modest, humble beginnings, stretching a pot as far as it can go.

Women at Work in RVA

In Richmond, Virginia, women grabbed the reins of entrepreneurship and paved their own way.

Dockery Farms Oral History Intro Photo

Dockery Farms

At its peak, Dockery Plantation covered 40 square miles and was home to more than 400 families. Charley Patton made a name for himself playing guitar at Dockery. So did other bluesmen like Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, and Son House.

Down the bayou intro picture

Down the Bayou

The people of Bayou Lafourche and Grand Isle, Louisiana, live and work smack dab at the center of nature.

Downtown Greenwood Farmers' Market Intro Photo

Downtown Greenwood Farmers’ Market

The Downtown Greenwood Farmers’ Market was established in 2008 as a project of Main Street Greenwood, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote economic development and revitalization in this Delta town, once known as the Cotton Capital of the World.

Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church

Food brought Herman Sullivan to Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greenwood, Mississippi. His high school principal was an elder member of the church and invited him to supper.

Carrboro Farmers' Market Photo

Carrboro Farmers’ Market

The Carrboro Farmers Market (CFM) has long been a place where consumers can purchase fresh produce, pastured meat, and homemade prepared foods from local farmers and artisans.

Woodson Ridge Farms

Originally from the Mississippi Delta, Elizabeth and Luke Heiskell relocated to Oxford in early 2011 to start Woodson Ridge Farms. Luke brought with him agricultural experience from farming cotton and soybeans in the Delta’s rich alluvial soil.

Lunch Houses of Acadiana Intro Photo

Lunch Houses of Acadiana

In the lunch houses of Acadiana, okra is revered, rice with gravy is a given, and almost every dish gets smothered. Here menus change daily, but are the same every week. Here a full day’s caloric allowance can be had for often less than 10 bucks.

Trails & Regional Projects

Southern BBQ Trail - SFA Documentary

Southern BBQ Trail

Barbecue, barbeque, bar-b-q, BBQ: there are almost as many spellings as there are kinds of barbecue, as if the proliferation of words could express the mastering tastes and aromas of the food, all the experiences that can fill the mouth, the place where also words begin.

Southern Gumbo Trail a Documentary from Southern Foodways Alliance

Southern Gumbo Trail

Gumbo. So many versions, so many cooks, so many contradictions. Such as: Only use a roux with poultry, filé with seafood. Use okra in the summer, filé in the winter. You have to have a chaurice in your gumbo. You must use andouille.

Southern Boudin Trail

Food is a tie that binds, a constant, an equalizer, or in the words of James Beard: “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Food can also function as one of the defining characteristics of regional and cultural identity. Boudin, a unique but simple culinary concoction of pork, rice, onions and various other herbs and spices squeezed in to a sausage casing and served hot, is one of those foods.

Hot Tamale Trail

Hot Tamale Trail

Better known for its association with cotton and catfish, the Mississippi Delta has a fascinating relationship with the tamale. In restaurants, on street corners, and in kitchens throughout the Delta, this very old and time-consuming culinary tradition is vibrant.

SFA Founders Oral History Project

In the fall of 2004 the SFA launched its Founders Oral History Project. This important undertaking will forever preserve the history of the SFA through interviews with the organization’s fifty founding members.