Dream Car. Photo courtesy of ghostofadream.com.

Each year at the fall Southern Foodways Symposium, the SFA collaborates with 21c Museum Hotels to commission art that complements the theme of our study. In this year when we explore food and literature, Ghost of A Dream is creating a piece that will be installed in the main dining room at the Powerhouse. Artists Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was make up the art collective.

Why the name? Adam and Lauren say, “The reason we call ourselves Ghost of a Dream is that we make everything out of the ephemera created from people trying to attain their hopes and dreams—usualy in a too-quick method.” A 2008 piece, Dream Car, created a Hummer from $39,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets—the cost of the vehicle at the time. A 2009 piece, Money Mania, created a yacht out of discarded lottery tickets. The piece was photographed in pools and the ocean, with a careful eye to note the discrepancy between the elegant hotels and the boarded-up buildings in nearby areas.

Tickets to the 2018 Southern Foodways Symposium are still available. If you’re unable to join us, be sure to check out the work of these artists on their website, ghostofadream.com.