SFA appreciates the support of its members and friends. We’d like to share this announcement about the future of leadership for the organization.

Beginning January 1, 2022, Mary Beth Lasseter and Melissa Booth Hall will lead the Southern Foodways Alliance as interim co-directors. Lasseter joined SFA in 2000, earning an MA in Southern Studies in 2002 and an MBA in 2004. Hall earned a JD before joining SFA in 2003. John T Edge, director since the 1999 inception of the SFA, will center his University of Mississippi work on creativity initiatives. He will also serve SFA as founding director. These transitions result from five years of succession planning and financial planning. We thank our board of advisors for their stewardship, our members and donors for their support, our collaborators for their work, and our University of Mississippi colleagues for their leadership.

Please feel free to reach out to us at  with any questions or concerns.

Mary Beth Lasseter, Melissa Hall, John T Edge