As part of the 2020 Fall Symposium, SFA is partnering with chefs and restaurants across the country to interpret this year’s theme, the Future of the South, in grab-and-go meals on Saturday, November 7 and Sunday, November 8. Our hope is to encourage engagement with the questions and ideas posed throughout October in safe, flexible formats. 

Every year at Symposium, SFA holds a boxed lunch meal prepared by a chef who acts as an important voice for our region. (Last year, it was Maneet Chauhan’s Working Woman’s Lunch, with sweet potato chaat and collard green curry layered in tiffin boxes.) This moment, when in-person dining is unpredictable but takeout options have never been better, feels like the perfect opportunity to carry on that tradition with new purpose. 

See participating restaurants below, and make a plan with family or friends to keep exploring the future of the South. For ordering and pickup information, visit the restaurant website. 

Want some help finding other conversationalists? Click the name of your state to access an RSVP form by 5 p.m. on November 4 and SFA will send you information from all the respondents in your city on Thursday, November 5.

If you’re an SFA-member restaurant and want to be a part of community conversations, email for information on how to participate.



Automatic Seafood and Oysters (Saturday, 11/7)
The whole fish box for 2, featuring smoked fish dip with fish eye crackers
Braised fish cheeks with farm pickles; fried fish collar with chili butter
Grilled dry-aged fish ribs with lemon and olive oil; sweet potatoes with xo fish sauce
Shaved kale salad with fish belly bacon and farm vegetables; fish scale and tapioca coconut pudding
2824 5th Ave. S.

Johnny’s (Sunday, 11/8)
Mavrodaphne braised lamb tips, toasted cumin tahini grits
Cucumber-mint tabouleh stack, sumac marinated feta, citrus-tsitalia olive oil vinaigrette
Cayenne garlic Tabasco cornbread
2902 18th St. S., Suite 200 (Homewood)



The Expat (Saturday 11/7)
Chicken pate de campagne sandwich with collard green pesto on Independent Baking Co. ciabatta
Seasonal side
Condor chocolate chip cookie
1680 S. Lumpkin St.

Taqueria del Sol (Saturday 11/7)
Memphis taco with smoked pork, spicy jalapeño coleslaw, and tequila BBQ sauce
Fried chicken taco with lime-jalapeño mayonnaise
Georgia cup with turnip greens, Mexican rice, and charros beans
Athens: 334 Prince Ave.


Star Provisions Market + Cafe (Saturday 11/7)
Green hominy stew (serves 2-4)
Griddled corn cakes, late summer peppers, radish and cilantro
4 lime cornmeal cookies
Optional: add shredded chicken confit
1460 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. N.W. (pick up between 4 to 6 p.m. ET)

Miller Union (Sunday 11/8)
4-piece buttermilk fried chicken for 2, or 8 pieces for 4
Hoppin’ John, chow chow and a salad
Seasonal dessert
999 Brady Ave. N.W.

Taqueria del Sol (Saturday 11/7)
Memphis taco with smoked pork, spicy jalapeño coleslaw, and tequila BBQ sauce
Fried chicken taco with lime-jalapeño mayonnaise
Georgia cup with turnip greens, Mexican rice, and charros beans
Atlanta: 1200-B Howell Mill Rd. and 2165 Cheshire Bridge Rd.
Chamblee: 5001 Peachtree Blvd., Suite 910
Decatur: 359 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.



Big Jones (Saturday 11/7 and Sunday 11/8)
Blue corn tortilla chips with chili cheese dip and pico di gallo
2 tacos de birria with onions and cilantro
Tres leches cupcake
5347 N Clark St.



Honeywood (Saturday 11/7 and Sunday 11/8)
Seared trout
Rice dressing with spinach and bacon
Onion soubise and candied pecans
110 Summit at Fritz Farm, Suite 140


610 Magnolia (Saturday 11/7)
Fried chicken basket for 2
Potato salad, collards and kimchi
Ed Lee hot sauce
610 W. Magnolia Ave. (call 502-636-0783 or email to order; pick up between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. ET)



Elvie’s (Saturday 11/7)
Canned fruit de mer picnic with pickled gulf shrimp and octopus
Louisiana satsumas
Old bay crackers
809 Manship St.


City Grocery Catering at The Main Event (Saturday 11/7)
Brown’s Farm to-go box, with vegetable pot pie
Persimmon flatbread, baby green salad
Rosemary and honey poached pear compote and herb iced tea
1005 North Lamar Blvd.

North Carolina


Saltbox Seafood Joint (Saturday 11/7)
Smoked NC striped mullet spread
Fried BBQ saltines
Celery pickles
2637 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd.


Cortez (Sunday 11/8)
Gritty tamal with verde potlikker tamal colado
Smoked chicken roulade
Salsa Ahogada with tomato and arbol
413 Glenwood Ave.

Garland (Saturday, 11/7)
Chicken kofta and turnip greens stew
Ginger-chili cornmeal dumplings
Apple-carrot chutney
14 W. Martin St.


Sam Jones BBQ
BBQ sandwich
715 West Firetower Rd.



The Second Line (Saturday 11/7 and Sunday 11/8)
Tabasco fried chicken salad sandwich
Turnip greens and potlikker au jus
Harissa roasted sweet potatoes
2144 Monroe Ave.


City House
Menu and Date TBA
1222 4th Ave. N

Martin’s BBQ
Menu and Date TBA
410 4th Ave. S



Little Ola’s Biscuits (Saturday 11/7 and Sunday 11/8)
Honey butter fried chicken biscuit
Butternut squash and pecan salad
Coriander sugar cookie
1610 San Antonio St.

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ (Saturday 11/7)
Mesquite smoked beef ribs
Sliced avocado and roasted tampiquena
Handmade flour tortillas
11500 Menchaca Rd.


UB Preserv (Saturday 11/7 and Sunday 11/8)
Calamansi chicken wings
Wok-fried collard greens
Thit kho pork and beans
1909 Westheimer Rd.



Saturday 11/7:
Momma Jordan’s oxtails with autumn vegetables and pickled chanterelles; smoked carrots with collard greens
Pickled red beets, buttermilk dressing, black walnuts and gem lettuces; Nigerian emergency soup
Chocolate bourbon pecan pie with maple whip; Georgia Dusk cocktail
Sunday 11/8:
JuneBaby’s fried chicken; Geechie Boy yellow grits with cayenne pepper sauce
Georgia candy roaster squash and clabber cheese; okra stew; Nancy Lee roll
Cinnamon apple bread pudding with cider sauce and almond crunch; Georgia Dusk cocktail
2122 NE 65th St.