Wayne Shexnayder

Schexnayder’s Acadian Foods Hammond, LA

Laura Westbrook: I am visiting with Chef Wayne Mark Schexnayder at his workplace, where Schexnayder’s Acadian Foods are produced. The interviewer is Laura Westbrook and the date is November 8, 2005. Wayne, you were saying that your family has lived in Hahnville for—?

Wayne Schexnayder: Hahnville, in St. Charles Parish, is the Parish seat and in French it’s called “Cote des Allemandes,” which means the German Coast. My family has been here since the early 1700s.

Were they involved with the sugar business?

No; they were German farmers that were brought there by the French to farm, to start a colony—a new colony.

I see.

And it was three original settlements, three German settlements along the river in St. Charles Parish. The Schexnayders were one of the first families in Louisiana.

That’s something people don’t know a whole lot about.

I think—I want to say it’s the third oldest settlement in the state after New Orleans and Natchitoches.


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Date of interview:

November 8, 2005


Laura Westbrook, University of New Orleans

Wayne Schexnayder
[Hurricane Katrina] was big mess; I'll tell you. I lost about ninety percent of my business...I lost about six thousand pounds of product out of my coolers and freezers that I had to throw away. So I mean it was a big mess; it wasn't as bad as some other people 'cause I got in quick and we got everything out.
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