Laura’s II

904 W. University Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70506
(337) 593-8006

Madonna Broussard knows her rice and gravy. A third generation restaurant owner, Madonna is the granddaughter of Laura Broussard, who opened the original Laura’s in her own house on a secluded Northside Lafayette back street. Opened in 1968—making it perhaps the first Plate Lunch House in Lafayette—Laura’s served stuffed turkey wings, fried pork chops, and fried catfish and chicken. Madonna’s mother Dorothy continued the Laura’s legacy, while today her daughter serves many of the same dishes her grandmother did: spicy baked turkey wings (you’re lucky if you get one with crackling on top), enormous crispy pork chops, and just about the darkest, brownest gravy (topping rice and simmering meatballs) around. With the next generation of Broussard-family working in the lunch house, Madonna is looking forward to a future blessed with, in her words, a “Laura’s III, IV, and V.”

Date of interview:

March 14, 2011


Rien T. Fertel


Denny Culbert

Laura's II - Madonna Broussard - Lunch Houses of Acadiana
If you put our gravy on a rice, it won't just kind of run down. It’ll actually stick to the rice. It’s brown in color which is also a good thing ... A lot of husbands come through here and say, “Wow, my wife does not know how to make gravy.”

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