Jacks Creek Bar-B-Q

10 State Route 22A North (Crossroads of Hwy. 100 & 22A)
Jacks Creek, TN 38347
(731) 989-4140

Interesting things usually happen at crossroads. The site where Tennessee highways 100 and 22A meet has been serving up barbecue for over sixty years. Breath and you’ll miss the tiny community of Jacks Creek, which seems to have just one building: Jacks Creek Bar-B-Q.

Joe Joyner is a man devoted to barbecue. Needing more free time for himself and his wife, he sold his ownership in the Jacks Creek barbecue location but stayed on as full-time pit-cook. It could be his love for pork and smoke, for pleasing customers, or it could be the mysteries of the crossroads.

pig chartWe first visited Joyner’s Jacks Creek Bar-B-Q in 2003 as part of our initial foray into documenting rural Tennessee ‘cue. Visit the original Joyner’s Jacks Creek Bar-B-Q page.

Date of interview:

July 9, 2008


Rien T. Fertel


Rien T. Fertel

Jacks' Creek Bar-B-Q - Joe Joyner - Tennessee - Southern BBQ Trail
I think West Tennessee has always been known for some of the best barbecue you can ever put in your mouth. And we have people that travel through all the time that always say you can't find it anywhere—any better than what it is in West Tennessee, and these are people from South Carolina and Kentucky, just all of the adjoining States, you know. They all say that you can't beat what you find in West Tennessee.

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