Barbara “Shug” Signa

Doe's Eat Place
502 Nelson Street
Greenville, MS 38701
(662) 334-3315

Barbara “Shug” Signa, one of eleven children, is a native of Greenville. The Signas were neighbors and Doe’s Eat Place has been a constant of Shug’s life. During her youth, Shug’s brothers and sisters fought over who got the steak bone her parents brought home from dinner at Doe’s. Later, Shug’s mother was determined that one of her daughters marry Little Doe Signa. In 1977, Shug won Little Doe’s heart, and they walked down the aisle. She was family, but by marriage only. Doe Senior warned Little Doe about sharing the family’s hot tamale recipe. To this day Shug still doesn’t know the secret to Doe’s legendary hot tamales. That doesn’t bother her; she would rather not have to make them. Instead, she spends her time greeting customers, tossing Doe’s signature salads – made from Mamie Signa’s recipe — and maintaining the casual and funky atmosphere for which Doe’s Eat Place is known.

Date of interview:

July 28, 2005


Amy Evans


Amy Evans

Doe's Eat Place, Greenville, MS - Shug Signa
When people come in that front door it's like Doe and I treat them as if they were coming into our home. [A]nd from the time they walk in to the time we leave, we try to keep that up. And it's not that we're trying to put a certain type of atmosphere; it's just that's the way we are. That's just the way we are and this is our home, because we spend more time here than at home. So it is a very wonderful experience to come to Doe's.
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