Texas: the land of BBQ, breakfast tacos…and of course Tex-Mex. But what if we told you Tex-Mex wasn’t created by a Texan or Mexican, but a German immigrant? On this episode of Gravy, we tell you the story of William Gebhardt, the inventor of chili powder.

Learn more with these resources from the episode:


Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine by Sarah Lohman
Truly Texas Mexican: A Native Culinary Heritage in Recipes by Adán Medrano
The Chili Cookbook by Robb Walsh
The Tex-Mex Cookbook by Robb Walsh


New San Antonio Rose by Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys
Mal Hombre by Lydia Mendoza
Eclipse by Nicola Cruz
Waltz Across Texas by Ernest Tubb

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*Cover photo by Ben Dongarra for Texas Humane Heroes.

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