You’ve heard of explorers discovering new lands, but new… fruits? Fruit exploring has a long and abundant history, including in the American South, a region once rich in apple orchards. In this episode of Gravy, a couple of young fruit explorers scour the South on a hunt for the perfect cider apple. Reporter Mary Helen Montgomery takes us on their search, and along the way delves into the little-known story of apple-growing and cider-making in this region.

You can learn more about apples in the South from Lee Calhoun’s book “Old Southern Apples: A Comprehensive History and Description of Varieties for Collectors, Growers and Fruit Enthusiasts,” here.

You can learn more about Foggy Ridge Cider, Diane Flynt’s orchards and cidery in Virginia, here.

Pete Halupka's first batch of the Fetty Wap cider.
Pete Halupka’s first batch of the Fetty Wap cider.