& Fried Pies Film, Mahalia Jackson - Nashville

Fried Pies in Nashville

Mr. Elzy “E.W.” Mayo of Mayo’s Mahalia Jackson Chicken & Fried Pies, in Nashville, makes what he calls “the world’s best pies.” He didn’t have too much to say about the chicken, so we focused on the other side of the ampersand.

Prince’s Hot Chicken

Meet Andre Prince Jeffries, and learn all about the addictive hot chicken craze in North Nashville. It’s hot, and it’s fried.

Portrait of a Bartender

The tale of Martin Sawyer, bartender at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel in New Orleans. Mr. Sawyer, a veteran of more than six decades of tending bar, witnessed the flood of 1927 and survived Hurricane Katrina.

The Welcome Table

An account of Martha Hawkins of Montgomery, Alabama, whose restaurant serves as a modern day incarnation of the Civil Rights Movement ideal of the beloved community.

saving seeds film poster

Bill Best, Seed Saver

A portrait of Bill Best, an heirloom bean and tomato farmer of Berea, Kentucky. Finalist for the Golden Snail Award from Slow Food.