Arkansas Meringue

A short documentary film on the “mile-high” meringue pies at Ed & Kay’s Restaurant in Benton, Arkansas. Mile High Pie was made by Melanie Lynn Addington and Daniel Lee Perea as part of the SFA’s Greenhouse Films initiative. Update: Ed & Kay’s closed its doors on March 1, 2014.

chicken stew film - Florence, Tuscumbia, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Shoals Chicken Stew

In the North Alabama summertime, especially around the cities of Florence, Tuscumbia, and Muscle Shoals, people eat chicken stew. Watch these Alabama Catholics stoke fires beneath boiling pots, while most folks are just trying to stay cool.

Helen Turner, Pitmaster

Some folks think barbecue is a man’s world. But in Brownsville, Tennessee, it’s synonymous with a woman named Helen Turner.

Van Winkle Bourbon

A short film by Joe York about the venerable statesman and third-generation bourbon distiller, Julian Van Winkle.

The Boiled Peanut Kings

Meet the Hardy Family, of Hardy Farms in Hawkinsville, Georgia. They operate a family peanut farm, and are known all over South Georgia for their boiled green peanut stands. They only sell when green peanuts are in season, and the trick to their famous boiled peanuts–according to locals–is letting them sit in the brine for a good while to soak up salt.

Dori Sanders - SFA Founder

Meet Dori Sanders

Meet Dori Sanders of Filbert, Sorth Carolina. A peach farmer and writer, Sanders talks here of her family’s dedication to black land ownership and of the import of agriculture to the social fabric. This film was made to recognize her life’s work and commemorate her selection as the SFA’s 2011 Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Florabama Mullet

A short film about the 26th Annual Interstate Mullet Toss, staged on the border of Florida and Alabama, billed as the world’s largest beach party.

Cochon in Avoyelles

A celebration of the Louisiana cochon de lait tradition. If you are fluent in French, you know that cochon de lait literally refers to a pig on milk, or a suckling pig. You may also know that the term refers to a style of cooking particular to Cajun Country in which such a pig is wired between two metal racks, hung from a chain, and cooked very near, but not directly over, a raging hardwood fire.

Raising Ossabaws

A meditation on pastured pigs and tango dancing, featuring SFA Fellow Emile de Felice, and underwritten by Biltmore Estate.