Photo by Kate Medley.
Photo by Kate Medley.

From time to time, Gravy likes to dip a toe in short fiction. Recently, we brought you this story by Chris Offutt. Today, we share an offbeat tale by Jeff McNeil. This story first appeared in Gravy #48, a food-and-crime issue guest edited by Jack Pendarvis.


Little Rock Roadkill

A story by Jeff McNeil


-You might want to get in the left lane here.


-Yeah, there’s a school and it’s around a curve and people stop and it’s hidden.


-Yeah, see.


-Hey, look at that.


-That looked like a dead penguin on the road.


-You never can tell what’s going to get clobbered on the road these days.

-I guess.

-I read this story in a magazine at the doctor’s office. Well, not—I mean in the actual office…

-In the back?

-Yeah, not the waiting room. After they had taken my b.p. and temperature and stuff.

-When you’re doing all that waiting around?

-Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass.

-They should give you a meter like a cabbie, you know, and whatever it says at the end they should take it off your bill.

-Good one. So…what was I talking about?

-The dead penguin.

-Yeah. I mean, it was what I read about in the magazine.


-There’s a hole in the ozone.

-How old was this magazine?

-I know, right?


-But the point was that the hole started a long time ago. I mean when it first started, way back in the ’60s or something, at the South Pole.

-Uh huh.

-And it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger until not only did it let a lot of important stuff out, but it was letting a lot of bad stuff in, like radiation.

-Dude, that’s unacceptable in my world view.

-I know, right? Long story short, some of the penguins started flying again.

-What magazine was this?

-A serious one. Mutation is the name of the game when nature plays it. Who can know its many wonders.

-For real.

-So these new penguins started flying through the ozone hole, which acted like a wormhole. The space-age kind, not the early-bird kind.

-I’m with you.

-The wormhole turned out to be a shortcut to the North Pole, where penguins have never lived before, even though it seems like they should have, right?

-Definitely. Because what’s the difference?

-I know, right? Top and bottom? The article didn’t go into it.

-That’s some freaky-deaky shit right there.

-You can’t ever be surprised at what you see on the side of the road these days.

-Could you eat it?


-The penguin.

-I think that’s illegal.

-Even if it’s dead?

-Sounds like you could, right? But you never know about the law.

-You should be able to eat whatever you want no matter what it is or where you find it.


-No matter how radioactive or mutated it is.

-I read about a guy outside Little Rock who only eats road kill. You just ran a red light.


-The guy even eats owl meat. Put it in a lasagna for a dinner party.

-This cop’s pulling me over.


-License and registration, Reckless Rex.

-Is it against the law to eat owl meat in Arkansas, officer?

-Is this a bribe?

-Is what a bribe?

-This illegal, though savory and exotic, owl meat proposition.

-I think that’s what I’m asking.

-I thought so. Pop the trunk, Sparky.

Jeff McNeil, who teaches writing at UNC-Charlotte, has been published in Quick Fiction, Avatar Review, and Kitty Snacks.

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