Souped: The Pinto Bean Story

SFA’s latest documentary film, “Souped: The Pinto Bean Story” explores the importance of soup beans through Kentucky Chef Ouita Michel and her mentor Freda Raglin.

Ronni Lundy and her Old Kentucky Home

Ronni Lundy has long chronicled the people of the hillbilly diaspora as a journalist and cookbook author. Hear her present on Beans and Buns and Other Kentucky Talismans at the Summer Symposium in Lexington.

Robert Gipe authors illustrated novels

Robert Gipe is the author of the illustrated novels Trampoline and Weedeater. At the 2018 Summer Symposium in Lexington, he’ll school us on food tropes.

Jan Fernheimer: Summer Symposium Scholar and Dance Enthusiast

Jan Fernheimer, a presenter at the Summer Symposium, is the director of Jewish Studies and associate professor of Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Media at the University of Kentucky. She also co-founded a Latin dancing club with a UK physics professor. Buy a ticket, and learn—about Lexington and maybe dancing, too.

Elizabeth Catte: Public Historian and Writer

Elizabeth Catte is a public historian, writer, and director of Passel, a socially-conscious historical consulting firm serving nonprofits and unions in Appalachia. She is also a presenter at SFA’s 2018 Summer Symposium in Lexington.

Charlotte’s Central Avenue Corridor

Charlotte’s Central Avenue reveals the city’s shifting demographics, from white, working-class textile mill employees in the early twentieth century to new immigrants in the 1990s. These new Southerners shaped a new Charlotte.