A Crowd Gathers for Oysters

On a Wednesday afternoon a few weeks ago, a back room in the Apalachicola Community Center was filled with a ring of folding chairs. The cross section of the Franklin County, Florida community that sat in them was all worried about the same thing: oysters. Hali has her dark hair cut short and a piercing … Continued

A Seafood Town’s Close Connections

Traveling the South, telling stories about this region through the lens of food is the kind of job one daydreams about. Thanks to the SFA’s new podcast, Gravy, though, it’s a daydream made reality for me. In the past few weeks, I’ve been from the coast of Florida to the woods of North Carolina, all for stories … Continued

Maritime Field Notes: Julie McClellan

“It’s the only photograph I have left of me as a girl on the water,” Julie McClellan explained to me Sunday morning in McClellanville.

Side Dish: Red Snapper Ceviche

In the third installment of our new weekly recipe series, we share a simple side dish and a slew of stories.

Lowcountry Maritime Fieldnotes: Jamie White

As a young boy growing up in Sol Legare, any time Jamie White wanted oysters or crabs he’d walk out the door to the vast marshes and creeks to pick and collect.

New Short Film: Bayley’s Seafood

Though it serves a variety of Gulf seafood, Bayley’s is known for two specialties: West Indies salad and fried crab claws.

Lumbee Fish Market Preview

We’ve been collecting oral histories from the Lumbee Indian Tribe of North Carolina. Today we introduce you to Emma Locklear.