Moravian Sugar Cake

Nancie McDermott shares an easy recipe for an Old Salem, North Carolina classic: Moravian Sugar Cake.

Now Playing: Little Kurdistan

Just off Nolensville Pike on the southern outskirts of Nashville lies Little Kurdistan — a thriving community of Kurdish immigrants and new generations of Kurdish-Americans. Little Kurdistan explores this community through the stories of four residents, two businesses, and a lot of delicious food.

What We’re Reading: Senegal

Flipping through the book, and poring over the holy-cow-I-want-to-go-there-right-now photos by Evan Sung, a grocery list of familiar ingredients appear: Sweet potatoes. Black-eyed peas. Collards. Peanuts. Okra. And rice—lots of rice.

Thirsty Thursday: Time to Get Bizzy Izzy

Bags of lemons, boxes of mint, pounds of sugar, and cases of bourbon have been ordered in preparation for next week’s Symposium. Thank to the hard work, discerning palates, and creative minds of Tiffanie Barriere and David Wondrich, the drinks will be excellent–and they will be strong. Friday’s cocktail hour is courtesy of Tiffanie Barriere, head … Continued

Thirsty Thursday: Quoit Club Punch

A few weeks ago, we (re)introduced you to David Wondrich, cocktail historian and Esquire magazine contributor. Mr. Wondrich will collaborate with Atlanta master mixologist Tiffanie Barriere at our upcoming Symposium weekend. As the author of Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Punch Bowl, it’s no surprise he plans to concoct a formidable punch for the masses … Continued

A Helping of Gravy: Cajun Steak Archer

This piece first appeared in Issue #52 of our Gravy quarterly.  Cajun Steak Archer Cooking with Sambo Mockbee by Carol Mockbee MY FATHER , Sambo Mockbee, learned to love good food from his dear friend, the architect and chef B.B. Archer. They grew up in Meridian, Mississippi, and Sambo spent a semester with B.B. at the University … Continued

A Helping of Gravy: Will Campbell’s All-Purpose Sauce

This article first appeared in issue #53 of our Gravy quarterly.  Will Campbell’s All-Purpose Sauce Reverend Will D. Campbell was a longtime defender of Civil Rights. A native of Amite County, Mississippi, he was the author of, among other works, Brother to a Dragonfly. He served briefly as chaplain of the University of Mississippi, before leaving amid … Continued