Sombreros Over The South

There are no debates about cultural respect or appropriation; tonight, everyone is a Mexican. That’s the magic of the sombrero—and its harm.

Some Like It Hotter

Sandra Beasley, author of three poetry collections and a memoir, contributed two poems to Gravy #58: Winter Reading.

Lagos or Bust

“Nothing just happens. These are things that I’ve always believed in, and everything you believe in finds expression in how you live.”

Writing and Righting Wrongs

The Southern food conversation is taking place in academic institutions, on the radio, in films, on blogs, on social media, in restaurant kitchens, and at live events. These nontraditional spaces are just as ripe for the subversion of gender inequality as long-established print media outlets.

A Lesser Known Side of the Mississippi Delta in Gravy Ep. 27

The image of the Mississippi Delta the public usually gets is one of poverty– or of cotton fields. But, on a search for women like her grandmother, Alysia Burton Steele found a different Delta in the food stories of church mothers.

Thank you, SFA Members!

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