A Helping of Gravy: A Democratic Way of Looking

Food, Drink, and Pop Culture in Southern Photography “I HAD THIS NOTION of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was more or less important.” That’s how Memphis native William Eggleston, the color photography pioneer, describes his approach to capturing his surroundings. Eggleston’s primary-hued world of grocery-store parking lots, drive-in restaurants, … Continued

Coming Soon on Gravy: Bourbon Street

My first time on Bourbon Street was en route elsewhere. I’d avoided it every time I came to New Orleans, falling more and more deeply for this city, learning the little bars of the French Quarter that I loved, each for a different reason. Arnaud’s French 75 for its eponymous champagne cocktail, graciousness of service, … Continued

A Helping of Gravy: Earl’s Art Shop and Cafe

AT THE INTERSECTION OF POP CULTURE and vernacular art, Mississippi artist Earl Wayne Simmons works. Born in 1956, Simmons has lived and labored for most of his life in Bovina, a few miles east of Vicksburg. As a child he fashioned toys from found objects and developed a grade-school passion for drawing and painting. By … Continued

A Helping of Gravy: The Subversive Nostalgia of Cedric Smith

His grandmother ran a country store in Thomaston, Georgia. Though the store burned before Smith can remember, he recalls playing in the woods behind the tumbledown remains, riffling through junked advertising signs. Like art, advertisements carry embedded messages, Smith realized. Through art, he has recognized the complement. Much of Smith’s work is rooted in Thomaston, … Continued

Pic Pick: The Pass at Hannibal’s Kitchen

the pass at Hannibal’s Kitchen, Charleston. #PopSouth2015 A photo posted by F. Griffin Bufkin (@fgriffinbufkin) on Jan 31, 2015 at 10:38am PST Melissa Hall, on this shot from F. Griffin Bufkin’s Instagram: “Most of the time, the journey through a pass is a once-in-a-lifetime experience fraught with danger. But in meat-and-three and Soul Food restaurants … Continued

Kudos to Kat Kinsman!

Kat Kinsman’s piece “Watching What We Eat” was a painful read for me.

Gravy Podcast Episode 2: Separation of Church and Coffee

A new episode of Gravy is ready for your ears! And it’s one that has all the ingredients for a bracing story: caffeine and religion. In our second episode, writer T Cooper heads to Knoxville, Tennessee, to learn about a new trend making its way across the South: devout Christians are opening coffeeshops as gathering … Continued

A Helping of Gravy: Golden Arches & White Spaces

This article first appeared in issue #53 of our Gravy quarterly. The author, Angela Jill Cooley, is an assistant professor of history at Minnesota State University-Mankato. She was the SFA’s first postdoctoral foodways fellow. Golden Arches & White Spaces Race in Early Fast-Food Places by Angela Jill Cooley Much attention is given to the role of the lunch counter in the … Continued