So, you want to host an SFA Dinner? (Thanks, in advance.)

1. Schedule your supper.
 The SFA event and content calendar is jam-packed. Because we want to do right by anyone kind enough to raise money for SFA and to ensure that your gathering doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, we ask that you schedule it well in advance.  Contact us in January to talk about your proposed dates and your ideas for the event. Charlotte Strode of Polished Pig Media (SFA’s marketing and PR partner) will talk you through the details for hosting.

2. What we ask in return. A minimum of $2500, or 20% of the proceeds from the event, whichever is greater, donated to SFA.  Prospective hosts must be members of SFA and should have attended at least one SFA event before seeking to host a Piggy Bank Supper.

We request fair treatment for guest speakers and guest chefs: travel costs reimbursed, food costs covered, complimentary tickets offered to guest speakers.

3. What we promise. We’ll make sure that your event makes it on to SFA’s online calendar.  Plus, every guest will leave with some SFA swag.

Additional Tips:

  • Make clear in your promotional materials that the event is FOR SFA rather than BY SFA.
  • Please use the SFA logo sparingly. Touting your membership and promoting the fundraiser are great. We know you are doing this because you want to support us. Please don’t use the event to imply that SFA endorses your business or event.
  • If you choose to show an SFA film at the event please do right by it. Show it on a screen appropriate to the size of your room. Show it at a time when folks will stop and pay attention. Run it all the way through the credits so that SFA’s filmmaker gets due credit.

SFA is VERY GRATEFUL that you want to support our documentary work through a fundraiser. Our fundraiser guidelines stem directly from our Values Statement. To learn more about SFA’s Mission, Vision, and Values, click here.