The work of Gravy, both print and podcast, is the work of journalism.

SFA pays all Gravy writers, artists, reporters, and producers. We expect those contributors to act with integrity and professionalism.

Gravy publishes original work. All sources, quotes, and attributions must be properly credited in keeping with SFA house style and the best practices of journalism.

Gravy does not publish content written by or provided by public relations agencies. Gravy contributors never ask for nor accept free goods or services in association with coverage.

Gravy writers and reporters do not pay interview subjects or story sources. From their budget, provided by SFA, they may cover or reimburse sources for reasonable expenses.

SFA staff kindly refuses free or discounted food or beverage in a restaurant. If that is not possible, staffers add an appropriate amount to the server’s tip. Gravy contributors follow the same policy.

Gravy contributors read and adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Food Journalists. (While the AFJ disbanded in 2020, its code of ethics remains industry standard.) For a deeper dive into the professional ethics that guide Gravy reporting, producing, and editing, we recommend the Codes of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio, Television, and Digital News Association.

Please contact SFA managing editor Sara Camp Milam if you have a question regarding journalistic ethics.