Yazoo Brewing Company

1200 Clinton Street #110
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 320-0290

Vicksburg native Linus Hall got into the beer business on a lark when he and a college buddy ordered a home brewing kit from Rolling Stone magazine. The small kitchen kit was later upgraded to a larger basement still, and now, years later, Linus and his wife, Lila, own one of Tennessee’s best microbreweries. Yazoo Beer is a hit in the Music City. Yazoo loyalists frequently navigate downtown Nashville’s street maze to find the taproom that’s marked by a water tower and tucked between overpasses and railroad tracks. Guests can buy a growler-to-go, or if arriving early enough, can grab one of the coveted seats in the taproom. There, amidst walls covered with their favorite Delta folk art, Linus and Lila serve their specialty beers with a menu of local breads and cheeses. “Beer and cheese” may not initially have the same ring as “wine and cheese,” but it’s all a part of the Yazoo plan to elevate the concept of beer as a pairing with good food. “When you have good beer and good food, the flavors marry very well,” says Linus.

Date of interview:

March 15, 2006


Mary Beth Lasseter

Yazoo Brewing Company
I was a home brewer for about, shoot, 13 years and me and my buddy – I was going to school in Virginia and we – I bought a kit in back of this Rolling Stone magazine and we’re like, "oh we’re going to make beer cheap," you know. And it tasted like cheap beer. But I was amazed you could even make beer just you know--on your stove. And so I kept doing it and he kind of gave up on it. And when I moved up to Nashville there’s a really good local kind of home-brewing community and my beer started to get really good just from all their input and meeting other people doing it and I kind of built this little still down in my basement and it kind of got out of control. You know I had so much beer, I was giving it away to some friends and asking them what they thought and everybody would just say well that’s really good. That’s about as good as anything I can get in the store. So my wife Lila and I were just kind of kicking around the idea and I think she just got so fed up with me talking and talking about it she was like look; either do it or shut up because I’m so tired of hearing about it every time we go for a walk or ride in the car. And so we really did seriously think about doing it and we didn’t have any debt and didn’t have any kids at the time and we were both young and figured we could make a go of it and if it didn’t work you know recoup our losses. But--so we started in 2003 and--and it’s really grown. We’re up to about 6,000 kegs a year last year.