Vicki Virts

Carter Family Fold
A. P. Carter Hwy
Hiltons, VA 24258
(276) 386-6054

Vicki Virts didn’t grow up in a musical household, but she grew up next to one. Vicki’s family lived next door to Janette Carter, daughter of A. P. and Sara Carter, and Janette’s daughter, Rita. She spent a lot of time at their house, playing with Rita and realizing Janette’s talents in the kitchen. She remembers breakfasts of Janette’s homemade biscuits and a bottle of Pepsi with particular fondness. But as Vicki grew up, it became clear that the Carter family was not just another family; they were country music royalty. In 1974, when Janette established the Carter Family Fold, Vicki’s family was there to help. For twenty-five years Vicki’s mother, Ann Vickers, ran the concession stand. When she died, Vicki filled her mother’s shoes. And when Janette passed in 2006, Vicki was there to support Rita, her childhood friend, and help carry on the Carter Family legacy. Vicki carries on Janette’s legacy in the kitchen by cooking from recipes that were passed down to her. Janette’s red velvet cake and holiday fruitcake are now Virts family favorites.

Date of interview:

February 21, 2009


Amy Evans


Amy Evans

[Coming to the Fold] is a good way for people to get a taste, literally, of our flavor of the area because that is just such a part of who we are is our local food traditions with the soup beans, the cornbread—that kind of thing.

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