J. B. Mance, customer

Bully's Restaurant
3118 Livingston Rd.
Jackson, MS 39213
(601) 362-0484

J. B. Mance has known Tyrone Bully since he was a small boy. He was friends with Tyrone’s parents, and when he wasn’t out on the road singing with his gospel quartet or playing on the blues circuit, he’d stop by the neighborhood restaurant for a quick meal. He’s performed in Illinois, Wisconsin, and California, but none of the road food compares to the offerings at Bully’s. Now 87 years old and retired, J. B. drives to Bully’s Restaurant twice each day—once for lunch, and once for supper. In exchange for all the good meals, he promotes the restaurant on the J. B. Mance Radio Program, broadcast each Monday night on WMPR at 8:30 p.m. As he tells his audience, “Just when you get hungry, come here. They open at 11:00 a.m. and close about 6:30, and somebody is going to meet you at the door and make you welcome, and they’re going to take care of you.”

Date of interview:

April 11, 2014


Mary Beth Lasseter


Mary Beth Lasseter

“I like ham hocks, fried chicken, cheese macaroni. I love it all. After my wife passed, they told me, they said, ‘Don’t worry about cooking. Just come up here and sit and eat with us.’ So it was a blessing. So that’s what I do, and I’m thankful to have them to do that.”

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