An (Dan) Nguyen

Lang Van
3019 Shamrock Drive
Charlotte, NC 28215

An “Dan” Nguyen owns Lang Van, a Vietnamese restaurant in the Shamrock neighborhood of Charlotte. Ms. Nguyen is from Saigon, Vietnam. Ms. Nguyen’s husband, Thuyen Tran, was the first to travel to the United States. Once he settled in Charlotte, he sent for her arrival in 1999. The couple didn’t have a place to live and they did not speak the language. Ms. Nguyen set out on foot to find work and eventually settled at Lang Van, working for the restaurant’s first owner. Ms. Nguyen transitioned to ownership in 2004 and has owned Lang Van outright since 2009. Her children, Alice and Henry Tran, can be seen helping out in the restaurant, while her husband works the kitchen.

Ms. Nguyen was interviewed with her daughter and son, who provided translation.

Date of interview:

April 12, 2017


Keia Mastrianni


Peter Taylor

I would never believe that I would have this opportunity to be integrated with America. I was scared. I didn’t have opportunities in Vietnam, so I came here. This restaurant gave me the social skills that I have now, and they helped me integrate with other people so that I understood their culture. And I wanted them to understand my culture too.

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