Along the highways and rural byways of south Louisiana, there’s great boudin, cracklins, and plenty more to be found. Many of these food destinations have one thing in common — they’re served in gas stations. Cajun Country roadside stops attract a wide range of customers, including travelers who stop to fill their ice boxes with boudin. And oil and gas workers who buy bags of cracklins before heading to the refinery or offshore rig. Cajun gas station fare is not fast food, it’s not fine dining, and it’s not a plate lunch, either. It’s a category unto itself. These gas stations speak volumes about the diverse communities of Acadiana. 

The episode was reported and produced by Sarah Holtz. Sarah is an independent radio producer and documentary artist based in New Orleans.

This is the first of five podcast episodes that are part of our virtual Cajun Country Summer Field Trip. We thank McIlhenny Company, maker of TABASCO Brand pepper sauces, for their support in producing this batch of Gravy, and underwriting soon-to-be-shared oral histories and a new mobile app.

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Photo by Denny Culbert.