Can Carolina Gold rice make a good sake? Hagood Coxe is determined to find out.

For much of the 19th Century, Carolina Gold rice was a favorite of American rice growers, before disappearing in the early 20th Century. Brought back to life in the 1980s, it again occupies a much beloved, if niche, place in the South’s canon of heirloom ingredients. Now, Hagood Coxea daughter of a Carolina Gold farmer, wants to make sake, a Japanese rice wine, out of the grain.  

Carolina Gold rice, once the dominant variety grown in South Carolina, disappeared in the early 1900s. Farmers brought it back in the 1990s and now Hagood Coxe wants to give it a new life.

Irina Zhorov reported and produced this sake story for Gravy.

Music in this episode is from Blue Dot Sessions:
Wisteria by The Contessa
Lemon and Melon by Onesuch Village 
Ghost Byzantine by Banana Cream 
Gambrel by Architect