How much is too much for bacon? $10 a pound? $20? What about $500 a pound? In New Martinsville, West Virginia, someone actually paid $500 a pound at auction under pretty special circumstancesThe bacon, along with ham and eggs, sold at this auction are raised and butchered by high schoolers as part of their school curriculum.

Reporter Corey Knollinger tells us the story of what it takes to compete in the Wetzel County Ham, Bacon, and Egg show. 

Freshman FFA Student Austin Stillwagoner stands inside a livestock trailer waiting to corral pigs inside.

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All photos by Corey Knollinger.
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John Smith.

Senior FFA Student Bailie Fayad shows off her grand champion bacon to possible buyers at the 51st Wetzel County Future Farmers of America Ham Bacon and Egg Show.

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