Guest Editor’s Note – Adrian Miller

SFA MVP’s – Matt Horn’s East Bay

Director’s Cut – John T. Edge

Good Ol’ Chico – Gustavo Arellano

A Curmudgeon Looks at Barbecue – John Shelton Reed

“The Beauty of Barbecue Is That You Just Don’t Know” – Michelle Wallace

Here’s Looking at ‘Cue – Debra Freeman

Big Tradition in Little Egypt – Titus Ruscitti

My Mother, Meat Alternatives, and Me – Latria Graham

Are They Picking at Us? – S. Farhan Mustafa

Kosher Barbecue Gets a Good Ribbin’ – Michael Twitty

American Barbecue: A Safe Place to Land – Amanda Yee

I Call Dibi! – Pierre Thiam

Last Course

Cover Illustration by Delphine Lee