TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010
This is a little difficult to read, but the purple represents the federal waters that are closed to fishing as of yesterday. The yellow is the land; Florida is on the right, Louisiana is on the upper left. The area was expanded eastward on June 28 to just off of Cape San Blas. If you want more detail, you can check this web site.   http://bit.ly/cwuahz
This map hangs in the office at Greg Abrams Seafood Company in Panama City, Florida.
* * *
Ashley Hall is an SFA member and contributer to Gravy, the SFA’s foodletter. She is traveling along the Gulf Coast to capture stories relating to the oil spill as a traveling Gravy correspondent. We’ll be posting relevant entries here, but visit the blog she’s set up for the project, Third Coast Byways, for more.