Arnold’s Country Kitchen

A short profile of Arnold’s Country Kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee, made by Jordan Berger for the Southern Foodways Alliance.


A profile of Sandor Katz of Woodbury, Tennessee, winner of the 2014 Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award.

Counter Histories: Jackson

In this piece we hear from Colia Clark, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, Bill Minor, Daphne Chamberlain and Reverend Ed King about the historic sit-in at the 1963 Woolworth’s lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi.

If We So Choose

History books may tell the story of segregation, but “If We So Choose” is a documentary short film introducing audiences to the people in Athens, Georgia who not only lived through Jim Crow separatism but fought against it and won.

Broke-T Honey

For Kenneth Thompson and his son Johnny, what started as a hobby eventually grew into a thriving family-owned business. The Thompsons keep over 400 production hives and feed their bees with “whatever God provides.”

Lillie’s Kitchen

Lillie Johnson knows the importance of slowing down and fixing a “decent” meal at least once a week with her family. Her restaurant, Lillie’s Kitchen, is open everyday for lunch, and also for breakfast on Saturdays. You’ll find pork chops, fried chicken, chicken spaghetti, and just about every southern side dish you can think of.

Beason Family Farm

With mostly local clientele, Beason Family Farm keeps consumer dollars in the community and connects the consumer to the producer.


Peggy Webb opened her house to diners in 1961, setting up a small buffet in the hallway and a dining room with community seating. More than 50 years later, customers still fix their own plates and pay for their meal by leaving cash in a basket on the table.

Hominy & Fry Bread

For Misty Brecia Dreifuss, cooking traditional foods outside is key to maintaining a sense of identity and community within the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.