Peggy Webb opened her house to diners in 1961, setting up a small buffet in the hallway and a dining room with community seating. More than 50 years later, customers still fix their own plates and pay for their meal by leaving cash in a basket on the table.

Hominy & Fry Bread

For Misty Brecia Dreifuss, cooking traditional foods outside is key to maintaining a sense of identity and community within the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

North MS Slugs

Visit Corinth, Mississippi, which claims the slugburger as a hometown creation. A Greenhouse Film by Paul Chase, John McCall, and Matt Stewart.

Meet the Staff

Visit SFA World Headquarters at the University of Mississippi, meet our team, and learn what we do and why.

Alabama Ribs

Head to Northport, Alabama, where you’ll meet George Archibald Jr., his sister Paulette Washington, and her son Woodrow Washington. Their family has been in the barbecue business since 1962.

Bright Star Restaurant

The Bright Star

Visit the Bright Star, a Bessemer, AL, landmark for more than 100 years. Owned by the Koikos family, the restaurant is known for Greek-American specialties, especially steaks and seafood.

Cake vs. Pie Debate

Kim Severson and Kat Kinsman debate the merits of cake vs. pie, respectively, at the 16th Southern Foodways Symposium. Oxford, MS, October 5, 2013.


Alzina Toups of Galliano, Louisiana, is the recipient of the Southern Foodways Alliance’s 2013 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award.

Maine Ave. Fish Market

A Greenhouse Film for the SFA by Emily Hilliard and Ashley Melzer, The Wharf is a snapshot of the historic Maine Avenue Fish Market in Washington, DC. Click here to learn more about the market and its history.