Awendaw Squirrel Hunt

Every year on the day before Thanksgiving, members of the Colleton-Green family of Awendaw, South Carolina, head out to the woods to hunt squirrels for the annual feast.

Charleston Soul Food

Baked chicken, fried pork chops, barbecued pigs feet, cabbage, okra soup, red rice, and mac and cheese are just a few of the choices at Bertha’s in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Lowcountry Oysters

A short documentary profile of Bowens Island Restaurant, a low country landmark for over sixty years.

Goat, Oysterman

A short film about Victor “Goat” Lafayette, who has picked oysters on Bowens Island, South Carolina, for over fifty years.

Allan Benton’s Bacon

This short film by Joe York profiles Madisonville, Tennessee’s world-renowned bacon and country ham producer Allan Benton.

Vietnamese Fishermen

Trace the path of Vietnamese fishermen from Indonesia to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Louisiana. Watch and listen as they persevere as Saigon falls, Katrina hits, and the BP oil spill spreads. The film was made in recognition of 2010 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award Winner Peter Nguyen. He accepted the award on behalf of the Vietnamese fishing communities of the Gulf Coast.

Paddlefish Caviar

They live hard lives. They deal in black gold. A documentary about the men who work the Mississippi River, pulling paddlefish from the depths and harvesting eggs from their bellies.

Rodney Scott, Pitmaster

CUT/CHOP/COOK profiles Rodney Scott of Scott’s Bar-B-Q in Hemingway, South Carolina. Says Scott, “We only cook with wood and I’m so sure that we only cook with wood because we go out and chop it ourselves.” Monday through Wednesday, you’ll find Scott doing just that, cutting down trees and chopping wood, and Thursday through Saturday he burns that wood down into coals that he uses to cook a half-dozen whole hogs every night.

Lavelle Mack, a cook at the Big Apple Inn in downtown Jackson, Miss., checks out a pot of simming hot tamales. Photo by Rod Davis, staff. July 2004.

Smokes & Ears

See the story of the Big Apple Inn in Jackson, Mississippi. Known as “Big John’s” by its faithful customers, the Big Apple Inn’s defining duo of pig ear sandwiches and hot smoked sausage sandwiches (known as “smokes”) has kept folks coming back again and again for over 70 years, and counting. The film is made in recognition of 2009 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award Winner Geno Lee.