Anson Mills is the country’s premier grower and purveyor of heirloom grains.   Ten years ago, Geechee Girl became the first Philadelphia restaurant to get products from Anson.

On May 21, Glenn Roberts agreed to come and bring some of their new exciting products for Geechee Girl to use.  Glenn once called Geechee Girl the place where he’d like to have his last meal on earth.

Dinner screened the Southern Foodways Alliance’s film about Glenn Roberts and Carolina rice culture.


  • Sea Island red pea accra; Cape purple bean & benne seed hummous; buttermilk tzatzik
  • Buckwheat hoecake topped with bourbon marinated gravlax.
  • Yellow grits “risotto”.  Seared sea scallop.  Collard green-almond pesto
  • Neckbones and tomatoes: Traditional pork and tomato ragout.  Corn-Rice bread skillet bread
  • Vegetable Country Captain. Housemade chicken confit. Laurel aged Carolina Gold rice
  • Overbrook Farms Salad with Geechee Girl vinaigrette
  •  Grits praline ice cream.  Rice flour shortcake.  Fresh strawberries