Exploring the Global South along the Buford Highway International Corridor
June 24-26, 2010

In 2010 we drew a bead on the changing American South in Atlanta, Georgia, the cultural and social capital of the New South. Buford Highway, arguably the region’s oldest and most diverse international corridor, was the nexus of our explorations.With expert Southern Foodways Sherpas in the lead, we explored the strip malls and reconfigured fast food bunkers where intrepid eaters feast on some of the region’s best (Chinese) barbecue, and (Salvadoran) fried chicken.

We plumbed the depths of the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market and took note of cross-cultural passions for preserved pork and bitter greens. We breakfasted on Korean pastries gorged with green tea cream cheese that tasted, somehow, like a red velvet riff. Although much of our time was spent exploring working class eateries, we ate high on the hog, too, courtesy of a dinner at Taqueria del Sol, Mike Klank’s homage to Monterrey by way of Memphis, and a dim sum luncheon at Abattoir, Anne Quatrano’s latest restaurant, set in a onetime meat packing plant.