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To add your name to the waiting list, email info@southernfoodways.org. We will be in touch if a ticket becomes available via cancellation.

Join us for a three-day Summer Symposium that explores Nashville as a culinary citadel. Through lectures, meals, tastings, performances, and experiences, SFA will reframe your ideas about civic identity. You likely know Nashville as Music City. Or, owing to the number of colleges, you know Nashville as the Athens of the South. Led by a smart cadre of thinkers and cooks, SFA aims to equip you with new frames of reference.

We see Nashville as a global city. A country-come-to-town immigrant city. A lamb kabob-n-three plus cornbread city. We regard Nashville as a radical city, where activists honed civil rights movement tactics. We think of Middle Tennessee as a place of ferment where hippie ideals found 1970s purchase. Of equal import, in this year when SFA explores the Corn-Fed South, we believe Nashville is where cornbread, the bedrock dish of our region, is best and most broadly interpreted and expressed.



2411 Blakemore Ave.

3-5 Registration and Goo Goo Clusters

5:15 Peter Cooper says the Music City of Nashville rests atop an 808 foot rhomboid spire, located beside I-65 in the southern suburb of Brentwood.

6:15 Ruby Slipper Cocktail Reception with bites from Butcher & Bee and beer from Blackberry Brewery

7:15 Nashville Now Supper with Tandy Wilson & Philip Krajeck

Night on the town (on your own) 


1414 Clinton St.

9:00 Registration and Breakfast Scrapple Duo, Andrew Little of Josephine

9:45 TJ Jarrett Sings a Song of Nashville

10:00 Nashville has always been a city of new arrivals, says Steve Haruch

10:45 David Dark argues that Nashville practices a radical, Campbellite religion

11:15 Renata Soto talks with Jennifer Justus about Latino life and aspirations

11:35 Nashville Nolensville Road

11:45 Little Kurdistan: An SFA Film by Ava Lowrey

12:15 NashKurdistan Feast, House of Kabob and Karla Ruiz

1:45 Jim Myers, Charlie Nelson, and Sean Brock lead a Tennessee whiskey tasting

2:45 Optional, book-your-own tours of Green Brier Distillery and the Country Music Hall of Fame

410 4th Ave. South

6:00 Flights of Tennessee beers from Mantra Artisan Ales to Yazoo Brew

6:30 André Prince Jeffries & Timothy C. Davis talk hot chicken, past and present

7:00 Nashville Chicken Three Ways: Prince’s, Martin’s Bar-B-Q, and Chauhan Ale House, with a delicious assist from Peg Leg Porker

8:30 Frye Gaillard, Pamela Jackson, and Davis Raines sing of watermelon wine

10:00 Lower Broadway Ramble (on your own)


On campus, near the corner of 17th Ave. N and Meharry Blvd.

9:00 Anson Mills Breakfast, Karl and Sarah Worley, Biscuit Love

9:30 Morning Benediction, TJ Jarrett

10:00 Jonathan Kauffman explores how a psychedelic-inspired, vegan commune found a home in rural Tennessee

10:45 Nashville HBCUs were staging grounds for the Civil Rights Movement, says David Ewing

11:30 Jennifer Justus and Lisa Donovan argue that cornbread communicates better than a tattoo

12:00 Meat-and-Three Feast, starring Sophia Vaughn of Silver Sands

2500 West End Ave.

4:30 Frye Gaillard, John Egerton Scholar in Residence, explores the progressive Nashville twinings of music, food, and civil rights

5:00 SFA Film Festival

5:30 Cocktail reception featuring Peg Leg Juleps, Jackalope Brewing Company, and bites by Matt Bolus

6:30 UN Dinner on the Grounds Redux: An Homage to Phila Hach featuring Kahlil Arnold, Tyler Brown, and Lisa Donovan


Tickets, priced at $465, include include all meals and programming, beginning Thursday afternoon and lasting through Saturday night. They go on sale Wednesday, April 6 at 1 p.m. ET.* SFA events are programmed on a break even budget. We pay all our speakers, chefs, and program guests out of respect for their time and talents.

All attendees must be 2016 members of the Southern Foodways Alliance. An email with the ticket link and sale password will be emailed to members in good standing by noon ET on April 4. If you have not received this email by noon on April 5 but believe you are a current SFA member, contact info@southernfoodways.org.

*Note that tickets may not be purchased via mobile devices because of survey questions contained in the ticket form, and there is a limit of two tickets per transaction.

When tickets sell out, email info@southernfoodways.org to have your name placed on a waiting list.


SFA’s Nashville Summer Symposium is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Car) event, and a good bit of strenuous walking is required. We’ll share directions to get you around town. Venues include Fisk University, Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, Ruby, and The Parthenon.

Blocks of hotel rooms have been reserved at the Loew’s Vanderbilt Hotel. As your ticket is purchased you will see a message in the questionnaire section that gives you the website address for booking rooms. Have a pen ready! Reservations MUST be made by May 24, 2016.

Please check your calendar before purchasing tickets, as they are non transferable. No refunds offered after May 15; prior to May 15, refunds will be issued minus a $150 cancellation fee. All attendees AND their guests must be current 2016 members of the Southern Foodways Alliance. Unsure of your guest’s member status? Ask us before buying a ticket: info@southernfoodways.org.

A good bit of strenuous walking will be necessary during this Summer Symposium.

Programming included in the ticket price begins Thursday, June 23, at 4:00 p.m. with the lecture, followed by happy hour and the Nashville Now dinner. The final symposium event is the Saturday night dinner at The Parthenon.

On June 15, SFA will email registrants a final schedule of events, a list of self-guided tour options, and a roster of attendees. We ask that you print these materials and bring them with you to Nashville. Thank you for understanding that we are unable to accommodate special dietary requests; attendees with food allergies should plan accordingly.

This event is underwritten by a host of donors. Special thanks to Anson Mills, Royal Cup Coffee, and Springer Mountain Farms for their support of the Summer Foodways Symposium.