A Seafood Town’s Close Connections

Smokey Parrish on the edge of Apalachicola Bay. Photo by Tina Antolini.

Traveling the South, telling stories about this region through the lens of food is the kind of job one daydreams about. Thanks to the SFA’s new podcast, Gravy, though, it’s a daydream made reality for me. In the past few weeks, I’ve been from the coast of Florida to the woods of North Carolina, all for stories that will be ready for your ears soon. Gravy launches on November 20th, with new episodes coming out every other Thursday. On the weeks in between, I’ll offer you little snippets of the places and people I’m meeting on the road.   In Smokey Parrish’s office at Buddy Ward & Sons Seafood, there’s a bulletin board that’s a little cultural microcosm of Apalachicola … Continued

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