Workshop Report: An Interview with Taylor Bowen Ricketts of Delta Bistro

Last week, we hosted a group of 12 people from around the country who were interested in learning the ins and outs of foodways fieldwork. On our second day together, we traveled to Greenwood, Mississippi, to experience the Delta and conduct interviews–and eat smoked chicken wings, hot tamales, and pimento cheese risotto.

The video featured above was our last interview of the day. Our heads were tired, our bellies full, but Fieldwork Group Number 4 made it happen. Thomas Walsh conducted the interview, Madeline McMurray made the photographs, and Sarah Fouts created the transcript. Together, they processed their work to create the final product you see here.

An enormous thanks to Taylor Bowen Ricketts and her staff at Delta Bistro for welcoming us, feeding us, and letting us ask a million questions.

We’ll share more workshop projects on the blog this week, so be sure to check back often.

Go here for more information on the workshop.

Our 2014 Oral History Workshop group outside Delta Bistro in Greenwood, MS, with Taylor Bowen Ricketts and staff.