Workshop Report: An Interview with Sylvester & Mary Hoover of Hoover’s Grocery

My style of cooking is everything that comes from the Earth. – Mary Hoover

Meet Sylvester and Mary Hoover of Hoover’s Grocery & Laundry in Greenwood’s Baptist Town neighborhood, another one of our fieldwork visits from last week’s oral history workshop. In addition to operating the store, Sylvester runs Delta Blues Legends Tours, and Mary cooks meals for various local events, as well as visiting tour groups. Listen to their story to learn about their efforts to build community through conversation.

Congratulations to Fieldwork Group #2 for their fine work: Bethany Fair (interview), Dave Campbell (photographs), and Cecilia Polanco (transcript). Together, they processed their work to create the final product you see here.

And thanks to Sylvester and Mary Hoover for letting us fill up their store to document their story.

Bethany with the Hoovers
Bethany Fair during her interview with Sylvester Hoover. Photograph by Sara Roahen.

We’ll share more workshop projects on the blog this week, so be sure to check back often.

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