When in London (KY), eat at Weaver’s

London, Kentucky native Judd Weaver and his wife Kimberly are the faces behind the newest iteration of Weaver’s Hot Dogs: Weaver’s on 4th and Weaver’s Landing. Judd’s grandfather, Carl Weaver, bought the chili recipe for 25 dollars from a traveler he met while visiting California in the 1940s. Judd describes Weaver’s chili as having a rich, Tex-Mex flavor opposed to the cinnamon flavor they serve in Cincinnati. First served by Carl at Weaver’s Pool Hall, the chili dog tradition was carried on by Judd’s uncle Drew at what was renamed Weaver’s Hot Dogs in the 1970s, before being renovated by Judd in 2011. An electrical fire claimed the original Weaver’ building in 2015.

Read his oral history interview here.