When Art & Oystermen Collide

David Boatwright's mural on Queen St_Charleston
David Boatwright’s recently completed mural on Queen St. in Charleston, SC, celebrates many well-known people in The Holy City’s culinary community. Photograph courtesy of Joan Perry, Charleston Daily Photo.

This will be old news to those of you who call Charleston home, but we just learned that a newly-completed mural on Queen Street celebrates many well-known figures from The Holy City’s culinary community and friends of the SFA. Eater Charleston offers a map of David Boatwright’s latest mural, naming each person featured in his witty take on Renoir’s famous painting, Bal du moulin de la Galette.You’ll spot some familiar faces in the crowd, but we’re most excited to see the dapper man in the back, wearing a top hat and tails. Thant’s none other than Victor “Goat” Lafayette, oyster picker at Bowen’s Island Restaurant.

Visit our oral history interview with Goat, and then watch our short documentary film to learn more about Charleston’s favorite oysterman.