V is for Veggie Plate

Photo courtesy of Southern Living.
Photo courtesy of Southern Living.

Southern Living magazine has just released its “A to Z Guide to Southern Food,” available in the June issue of the print magazine and in a super-spiffy, interactive online format (here). They’ve shared a few letters with us, so stay tuned for the rest of the week. Today, we bring you “V is for Veggie Plate.”

Like pulled pork and fried chicken, the vegetable plate is embedded in the South’s culinary DNA. But now, inspired by the surging interest in farming, a hotbed of forward-looking chefs is retooling the (ahem) garden-variety vegetable plate. In the same way our kitchen masters embraced snout-to-tail, whole-animal cookery over the last decade, they’re forging close relationships with local growers and composing symphonies of produce that show off the region’s year-round harvests in center-stage glory. And this isn’t a reaction to any kind of health craze: It’s really about the ingredients’ deliciousness. Welcome to the vegetable renaissance.

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