Thirsty Thursday: Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Long shopping lines, nonstop Family Time, and stormy winter weather can make the holiday season less than cheery at times. The next time you’re feeling more Scrooge than Santa, try one of the “holiday-ish” spirits and beers below. They’re the perfect gift for the imbiber in your life–or yourself. Either way, they’re bound to spice up the holiday season.

pecan vodka cathead

Pecan Vodka / Jackson, MS

Down in Jackson, Cathead Distillery has made the first (and for now, only) pecan vodka on the market. Sweetened with Louisiana cane sugar, the pecans themselves come from Bass Pecan, just down the road.

PowWow Rye whiskey

Pow-Wow Botanical Rye / Washington, D.C.

For those who like their rye up close and personal, this rye-forward whiskey from Georgetown Trading Company is also infused with orange peels, saffron, and other whole botanicals, transforming the everyday bourbon cocktail.

Corsair vanilla bean vodka

Vanilla Bean Vodka / Nashville, TN

Head distiller Andrea Clodfelter at Corsair Artisan Distillery in Nashville’s 12th Avenue South neighborhood spends her time concocting unusual varieties of whiskey, gin, and vodka (quinoa whiskey, anyone?) Their award-winning vanilla bean vodka is made with fair-trade whole vanilla beans, and makes a mean White Russian.

high wire sorghum whiskey

Quarter-Acre Sorghum Whiskey / Charleston, SC

For something extra-Southern, try High Wire Distilling’s Sorghum Whiskey, made from sorghum grown on a Mennonite farm in Tennessee. With flavors of maple, smoke, and vanilla, it’s best by itself or over ice.

Gingerbread Stout / Richmond, Virginia

This RVA-based brewery boasts the original Gingerbread Stout, an Imperial Milk Stout brewed with fresh ginger and local honey. Recommended as a dessert pairing beer, or on its own by a roaring fire.

Festive Ale / Atlanta, GA

Sweetwater Brewing is one of the O.G.’s of the craft beer movement; this year’s seasonal brew is a strong, spiced ale with plenty of cinnamon.