The NOLAbeings Project: Amy


I love sausage so much. I’m a blue collar girl from the south side of Chicago. We are sausage snobs. There’s a music store right there—Paul Webb, Webb’s Bywater Music. And Paul grew up in Ohio for the first ten years of his life. Paul asked me this fall, ‘Do you know how to cook Polish sausage with saurkraut?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, like in the hot pan!’ Because I grew up eating that. So Paul had a birthday party at the shop and I cooked 40 pounds of sausage and all of these punk rock dudes ate it in an hour. It was probably one of the happiest times on this block ever.

For the month of June, SFA has teamed up with Claire Bangser, creator of the photo storytelling project NOLAbeings, to share the stories of everyday New Orleans residents. Claire’s exhibit, “Tell Me A Story About Food,” will be on display at our Summer Symposium in New Orleans.