The Artwork of the John Egerton Prize


Yesterday we shared the stories of the 2014 John Egerton prize winners. If you happened to lean in close enough to see the award itself, you might have recognized the artist. It was designed and painted by Amy C. Evans, the SFA’s former lead oral historian.

A big part of me wanted to do a portrait of John Egerton, maybe just so I could spend time with his sweet, knowing face. But I decided that he wouldn’t want the prize to celebrate his likeness but instead, his work. ~ Amy C. Evans

In Amy’s paintings she begins with an object depicting a specific moment in a character’s life, using it to extend into an imagined story.

For the John Egerton Prize, Amy created a welcoming and familiar table with objects representing his legacy.

“The idea of a common table is a common theme in everything Egerton,” Amy says, “so I knew that THAT table had to be key. In the end, it made sense to do a portrait of him using the objects that so beautifully represent him: his favorite Southern foods, his glasses, a sip of bourbon, a pen, a fork, a book, and, of course, a jar of SOS pickles. The arms holding the table are all of us but especially the incredible people who are doing the work, following Egerton’s example. The people whom the SFA honors with this prize.”